OLS Foundation

We are Living Bridges; being built for future generations.

OLS (Ocean Land Sky) Foundation is an organization dedicating 100% of our efforts to relieving poverty-stricken people around the world; focusing in the Pacific Basin and then onto Cancer to Capricorn. We are young, highly motivated and very passionate individuals that are involved in a grass roots movement called “To the Power of One,” which emphasizes the power that one individual can harness and channel to be an agent of positive and lasting change. Philosophies.

OLS Foundation is dedicated to providing a full spectrum approach to the giving platform. We combine popular social media, video,  along with other creative ways of giving small but consistent contributions and at the same time showing that it can be fun and exciting to serve, give, and spread peace throughout the world.

Our main focus is to build extraordinary leaders and sustainable communities through correctly implemented education, entrepreneurship, and any other means to alleviate cycles of poverty among the population of the developing countries; according to their individual needs and wants. We are engaged in the fight to end world poverty by small and simple means. We will show that through these means an exponential impact can occur when united as one.

OLS Foundation is the philanthropic arm that will help the developing countries economically. It will be responsible for debt, in the form of micro-financing for businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs.

ToThePowerOfOne is the Non-Profit that will supply the social needs, programs, education, and relief to the developing countries.

“Teach a man to teach a man and all will be fed.”

– Known


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