Ocean Land Sky

Ocean Land Sky

Creating Creators

OLS Creative

OLS Creative harnesses the power of individuals inner-genius to create or recreate products that can be better; through better design, functionality, and technology. Products that people relate with and brands that will inspire and delight....
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OLS Developments

We are a creative land ownership and real estate development company.  We are ecosystem builders balancing economic, environmental, and social factors, all while maintainng and high level of humanity in each. WayFinders division is a...
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OLS Technologies

Technology arm of Ocean Land Sky Focused on disruptive innovation, and using technology to solve the ultimate problems of humankind: Time! How do we free enough time to do what we feel we are destined...
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OLS Education

OLS Education is focused on hybrid and holistic model; a purpose-driven, project-based, ecosystem patterned learning program. It is an educational culture lab, creating an environment for children to thrive in a hybrid makers space. This...
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A Vision for the Near Future

Imagine a place you could live, play, and work in a collaborative open environment. Where the stresses of life seem to have less hold on your everyday thoughts and cares. A place of balance, healing, and inspiration. We are creating the next generation of communities focused on creating creators. As we help free your time in order for you to find your purpose, passion, and potential.

Get ready for life elevated…at Makaleha

Note from the Founder

I have one purpose, and that is to design, architect, and create environments that make people thrive while aiding industry transformation with blue companies; changing the way we learn, work, and live forever.

We start and buy Super Companies with Super Humans. We enlist you to action, to support a cause bigger than yourself. Bigger than me. Bigger than any one person or company. By collective collaboration, we can accelerate growth, stewardship, and happiness in the world.

We desperately need more entrepreneurs and driven teams to solve the overwhelming problems facing the world today. Destined development is the focus, who you are meant to be, what you are meant to do. We are all about helping you become your purpose so that you can accelerate your goals and dreams.

“I’m an explorer of human potential, not necessarily how far we can push ourselves alone, but how we can become who we’re destined to be. This is the greatest adventure, this is the last frontier. “

– Michael G. Olsen

Creating Creators.