Whether you would like your donations to go directly to a child, educational programs, roads, electricity, water facilities, and/or other specifically designated areas, you deserve to know exactly where your individual donations are going. We provide full disclosure of what we are doing with your money and the amount each program, project, facility, and educator costs.

Many Non-Profit Organizations retain more than half and anywhere upwards of 80% of all contributions and give only a sliver of the remainder to actual assistance or aid. We would like to reverse this unfortunate trend by doing the exact opposite through holding only a moderate amount and by giving more to the actual people in need.

We do this by tithing our OLS business to cover the administrative costs to run the foundation. It is extremely important people know they will be paid while they give their passion to the world, but at the same time it should not come out of the donations of others.

Holistic Approach

As we have stated, we believe many non-profits and NGO’s are helping in great ways, but for those that single out certain needs without assessing the underlying problem are actually causing a disservice to those they are trying to help.

For example, a charity that arrives at a village and freely gives money, food, and clothing, only unwittingly teaches the people dependence and reliance on others to do the same for them; as well as in the future. Comparably, if a charity comes to a village that has no wells, nor clean drinking water and only sets up a well then leaves, how does this necessity alone perpetuate the growth and sustainability of the village? We do not discount that these people need clean drinking water, but you can see that this one act does not raise them out of poverty alone.

Proper education is the life-blood that will flow forever from person to person. If the correct steps have preceded the right education, this impact will continue multiplying for generations because this complete approach targets every need of a human being.

The Law of Giving Multiplied

We give a morsel of bread and we receive a loaf in return and that is the truth. Our initial focus is not to give because it will only benefit ourselves, rather we give to show our love for others and the Law of Giving works its magic in all directions from the giver to the receiver; bringing positive change to all.

It is our philosophy that if we give regularly in smaller increments, then we would find the needed balance in our personal lives. In addition, on a consistent basis we would feel great about how strong and untethered we are becoming. Thus, increasing positive and productive attitudes, which lead to success and lasting happiness for all. We often find as one gives their time, talents, or means, even in a small way, they begin to live at a higher level of life where happiness and success reside.

Fulfillment of Needs

Abraham Maslow created the concept of a Hierarchy of Needs that is relative to every individual; which we would like to adopt in our approach of solving the problems in the developing countries. It’s hard to imagine that the people we will help are even struggling at the first level.

We believe that all human beings, no matter where they live, should be able to reach the top of this Pyramid. We intend to help each individual achieve these needs by first building upon a firm foundation. A stable first level. Then helping them go beyond self actualization and transcend life.


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