OLS Creative

OLS Creative harnesses the power of individuals inner-genius to create or recreate products that can be better; through better design, functionality, and technology. Products that people relate with and brands that will inspire and delight. Hope you enjoy this company dedicated to the you, the people.

Existing companies up to date:

USUP – Is a Hawaii based inflatable standup paddle company that mails you a board in a bag to your hotel or place of vacation; simple, easy, and ready with in 24 hrs.

Four Oceans, – FOBOX, A global water sports business in a box that inspires… Live Inside The Postcard

Blakitson and Company Outdoor Adventure company that inspires you to live life boldly; Be The Bear!

Empress & Heiress – Producing heirloom jewelry that are reminders of each girls potential, creating a bond between mothers and daughters.


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