Welcome to Cumulus! Where we stack clouds, so you can make lightning strike.

Lightning struck and you started a business! congrats it did’t fail in the first year! Success! Well, at least you’re on your way. One problem though: The Grind. You are now too bogged down with all the day-to-day operational and administrative work to even think straight, let alone have any time to yourself.

That lifestyle business is great for everyone but you. No time to work on your business because you are working in it, daily. Don’t be a micromanager, let go of the reigns and let Cumulus free your time to think creatively and strategically again.

Heck, it will most likely free up enough time to live that lifestyle you dreamed when you started this business… Bonus!

Travel? Unheard of as a small business owner. Not with Cumulus, you can now take your business with you everywhere you go. Don’t have your own device? Don’t worry you can login anytime and check on everything, from any device, anywhere.

WELCOME to the best days of your business life! Alpha testing January 2018…