Wayfinders Division


We are committed to fulfill the Hawaii 2050 Sustainable Task Force plan, which is that Hawaii will be completely self-sustainable from outside support by the year 2050. More information in detail is found in their plan: Hawaii 2050

LOKAHI-SVH Vision is our step to take ACTION, to spur innovation, economic diversity, and rally the islands together. We hope this will open the eyes of our leaders, communities and most especially our legacy: the youth. Hawaii can be a place of economic diversity, environmental innovation, and cultural celebration.


To educate, inspire, and motivate all who live and visit the Hawaiian Islands. We do this by creative application of land cultivation that acts as a vehicle for cultural, economical, and environmental sustainability.


The WayFinders Division is bringing objectives into fruition through a process called collective collaboration. OLS Group oversees all economic development projects and is a company rooted in making dreams reality by involving many and benefiting all; specifically in the Pacific Islands and South-East Asian areas. A common dream among many is the betterment of their communities in which they live. Consequently, we focus on specific regions and their unique obstacles. We combine enlightened minds to engineer paramount solutions. These solutions must benefit all, including the environment, and must make social and economic sense, ultimately fulfilling a social-entrepreneurial approach. Thus, we are vigilant in our methods and business systems. We advocate sustainable practices and technology across all domains, including operating the business itself. Through these efforts, and others, we hope to ignite a movement for better business. We also strive to build a happier and more successful people as we work with them in their communities.

Download our vision for LOKAHI SVH: LOKAHI-SVH Vision


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