Ever wanted an adventure mobile at your finger tips? We launched üSUP, which has a line of Inflatable SUP’s by Four Oceans that can be sent to you in no time; with the most simple and hassle-free way to rent a standup paddleboard.

Are you going on a weekend adventure or a week long excursion? Short term or long term, we have the vacation vehicle for you!

Easily transferable, waiting at your hotel or vacation rental when you get there. No hassle, no worry! Watch out you might want to roll it on the plane with you by the end of it all and take it home….and you can! We won’t stop you. Rent, have a blast, realize this thing would be great back at home too? we’ll just keep your deposit if you decide to keep it. (this line comes off as threatening… I know you are trying for an easy going rent to buy model, but this line needs to be redone, as it comes off as a threat).