Empress and Heiress

The Heiress Story

Welcome to Heiress! It began in Hawaii, where I started taking-jewelry making classes and over time it naturally transitioned into bracelets for babies. It’s always something that I’ve loved to do and being a mom of 3 boys, I needed a feminine outlet! At first I would make bracelets and give them away to all my nieces, but that’s when my sister-in-law suggested I start a business.

Finding the name was really tough, I wanted something that would make every girl remember who she really is, heir to her own unique destiny. A symbol to remind her that she is more than that what the world wants her to be or portrays her to be, that she has unlimited potential. This is symbolized by our signature pave crystal found on every bracelet.


heir·ess /’eris/ n.  a girl/woman who inherits or has a right of inheritance

…to this end, Heiress was born.



Since I was about 10 years old, I knew I wanted to be a baby nurse. I was a NICU nurse for 7 years, but I have now taken on another role to serve and inspire these little angels through our luxury line of heirloom jewelry. Our Empress and Heiress ,or Mommy and Me, collection also features the eternal connection between mother and child.


“…for such a time as this.” 

– Esther (Orphan to Persian Princess)