I have been a Designer, Drone pilot, Videographer, photographer, Surfer/Paddler, and Entrepreneur. Founder and Facilitator of Ocean Land Sky.

I am currently half way through my childhood dream, I’ve put off for years; becoming a Waterman.

For fun I started to give away all my best pics knowing photography was only a hobby for me. On Unsplash, I’ve reached 50million views this year… the power of giving I  guess. Enjoy… seeing through my eyes.

Just started telling the world what I would like to say on Medium.  Thrive Global. LinkedIn. (Find my articles here) I was also featured on HUFF POST.

Over the years, books have become so much more to me. They are at times, my mentor, my guide, my delight, and occasionally a friend. Here are some I would suggest:


As an entrepreneur you must learn all ends of your business, and then eventually focus on what you are best at. Once you reach this state of focus on what you do best, and only then, can you transcend yourself and your business.

Similarly, I’ve been summoned on a mission, but not by my own accord. For years I have had unexplained moments of lightning shooting through my bones…as an overwhelming feeling to be the best me I can be, so that I can help others do the same in their entrepreneurial endeavors. The lightning is only increasing, it surrounds me now! It speeds me up, so much so that I’ve become a Time Traveler... You can be one too!

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers via Benjamin Hardy, and the train continues…